Florists Flock To Lasik To Increase Eyesight For Flower Competitions

Before the surgeon can do the LASIK eye surgery on you, he or she will have to do a full eye examination. Your doctor or surgeon may perform a preliminary eye exam so that he or she can be able to check the health of your eyes. It may be a good idea that when you are going to have these examinations done, that you also make sure to carry your eye prescription records. In case you are making use of contact lenses, you should stop making use of them before you go for the evaluation. The doctor should be able to advise you on how long it is required for you to stop making use of the contact lenses before you go for your examination. This is mainly because eye contacts tend to change the shape of your cornea and they also tend to compromise the exact measurements of the pre-op examination.

  • Be able to dilate your pupils so that he or she can be able to fine-tune your prescription
  • Carefully examine your eyes to ensure that they are healthy
  • Take different measurements of your eyes
  • Ask you to sign what is known as an informed consent which lets you know of all the benefits, risks, options and any complications that may arise.
  • After all the above has been done, and the doctor feels that having a LASIK surgery is not convenient for you, he or she is going to give you other


This kind of surgery is known to be an outpatient procedure. The only type of anesthetic you are going to receive is an eye drop that works by numbing the surface of your eye. The surgery normally takes around ten to fifteen minutes for each of your eyes. In some cases, both of your eyes may be worked on even though many surgeons prefer to wait for some time before they can work on the other eye.  Click here for www zed epi Lasik Singapore com

Even though the healing process is fast, you may still need a few days off from work for proper rest. Make sure that you avoid things like sports or activities that are similar to sports for at least four weeks. You should know that:

  • Your vision may be blurry after the surgery
  • You may experience a kind of sensation or mild burning after leaving the surgery.
  • You should not drive until you have fully recovered.
  • You should avoid swimming, whirlpools, and hot tubs for at least two weeks.

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